About Us
We offer a full service taxidermy shop located outside Pleasant Hill,Missouri.  Just 11 miles North of Harrisonville and a bit South of Lee Summit. 

We began this wonderful adventure three years ago.  After making the decision to turn a favorite hobby into a full time career,  I spent a year attending Second Creation School of Taxidermy learning from Master Taxidermist Cindy Cunningham. 

All 'Bout Critters Taxidermy is a full service shop that can bring any of your treasured hunts back to life.  We offer services in deer and game heads, mammals, birds, turkeys and fish.  All mounts are artistically done and surrounded in their natural habitat. I strive to create the perfect mount for you and preserve that special hunting memory.


In 2010 I was honored with the Horizon Award, sponsored by the Kansas Wildlife Officers Association and presented by the Kansas Association of Taxidermists.  Also in 2010 I was presented with the Missouri Conservation Professional Mount  Award, presented by the Missouri State Taxidermists Association.

I am currently a member of the Missouri State Taxidermist Association, Kansas  Association Of Taxidermists, and the United Taxidermist Association.  Even though I have completed all classes I strive to attend all workshops, seminars and conferences I can to further expand my knowledge and skills, to strive for a quality mount and customer satisfaction.

To create the best mount possible I use only the highest quality supplies and materials.  I strive for an acceptable turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

All 'Bout Critters Taxidermy is fully licensed and meets all state and federal regulations.
Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to meeting you and creating your one of a kind special trophy mount.
All 'Bout Critters Taxidermy